Cheryl Green

Owner & Founder

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Cheryl Green is Owner and Founder of Coplexity, a consulting company focused on helping organizations and people serve youth and communities in better ways. Cheryl has a background in education and has served as a teacher, principal and district leader in multiple school districts. Her most fulfilling work came while living in the Mississippi Delta and working in a variety of roles in education.

During that time, she helped to co-create the REACH (Revitalizing Educational Awareness of Change) Institute that helped students in the region to access college and universities across the country. After ten years, Cheryl moved to Memphis and took on multiple roles with New Leaders, Inc. that included training school principals and leading leadership effectiveness work with legacy Memphis City Schools. Since 2015, Cheryl has been helping organizations with program planning and implementation, meeting, and session facilitation and organizational development.


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Alabama A&M University


Delta State University


Human Systems Dynamics

Coplexity has been engaged
in work that includes:

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  • Building framework and implementation plan for youth employment programs
  • Creating an expansion strategy for in-school and community fellows program
  • Facilitating implementation of culturally relevant practices at schools
  • Assisting with HR screening and selection

Overall, the work is driven by helping organizations create systemic change, resolve conflict, help teams work more efficiently and move projects from strategy to action.  

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