Tim Lampkin
Brittany Boyd Bullock
Robin Wilson
Kriste Dragon
Michael Capobianco
David Jordan
Amber Hamilton

Coplexity has the ability to encourage productive dialogue about tough issues. I'm extremely impressed by their thoughtful approach to help their clients excel. They are truly dedicated to strategic doing!

Chief Executive Officer |
Tim Lampkin Consulting

One of the first things I appreciated about Cheryl was her desire to implement a process by which we would work together while honoring who we were in the work. She is not like other consultants I've worked with in the past. She used practices and framework of how we could co-create together while reminding me that my voice and opinion was as valid as hers. Our time spent was fruitful, fulfilling and empowering. We've worked on several projects since our initial partnership, and I always know that when we work together, we will deliver impactful outcomes and tangible results.

Brittney Boyd Bullock, Director of Youth Programs |
Memphis Music Institute

Addressing culture can be an uncomfortable topic. As a new school and team, I worried that people might not be willing to fully engage in the process. Coplexity's professionalism and willingness to meet the team at their place of need, strengthened our team dynamic and deepened our commitment to cultural competency.

Dr. Robin Wilson, Principal |
Kansas City Neighborhood Academy

In my work with Cheryl this year, I have been inspired by her deep commitment to community. Cheryl ensures that we pursue deep understanding of the people and places we serve, while also advocating for true local partnership and collaboration.

Citizens of the World Charter School
Lead Moderator |
Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship

Cheryl represents the very best combination of professionalism, intelligence and steadfast dedication to her organization's mission and goals. Cheryl is always willing to go the extra yard to help the teams' goals and her involvement insured we would all submit the highest level of work. She exudes a warmth and overall generosity not often seen in a high-paced workplace filled with multi-tasking and higher stress levels.

Michael Capobianco, Social Impact Director, National Partnerships |
Mind Research Institute

Cheryl has greatly supported me and Agape’s leadership team over the past 1-1/2 years. With the agency’s significant growth over the past two years, including that of our leadership team, Cheryl greatly helped our team as we, together, addressed areas of challenge, developed clarity of our work together as a team, and then assisted us as we operationalized our work toward very effective outcomes. Cheryl is very talented, experienced and fun. She has helped Agape become a better organization and ministry!

David Jordan, President and CEO |
Agape Child and Family Services

As a COO, I prioritize working with people who can bring expertise rooted in experience and process that is comprehensive and robust. Cheryl delivered on both fronts, bringing technical knowledge and resources and balancing practical consultation. Her contributions were critical to successful implementation of our program. I highly recommend her to any organization looking for high-quality, real world guidance and consultation.

Amber Hamilton, COO |
Memphis Music Initiative